Urban’s latest venture: The Urban Garden!

Urban’s Latest Adventure: The Urban Garden

You may have spotted twinkling lights, smiling faces and heard the chinking of glasses whilst wondering through the lower gardens over the past couple of months… A brand new restaurant and bar has opened up among the treetops – just five minutes from the beach.


Tables and Chairs on the Balcony

Photograph courtesy of Ellie Mathieson at ELLII Photography



The Urban Garden opened its doors officially on the 17th of May as part of the Urban Guild family that also includes Urban Reef, Urban Beach and the Wood Oven. With all the elements of Urban ethos and huggy vibes – the Urban Garden also has its own unique personality that stands out in Bournemouth town.


Outdoor Seating with Trees in Background ate Urban Garden

Photograph courtesy of Ellie Mathieson at ELLII Photography



Surrounded by plants and with multi-level terraces, the location and views really are unique. The menu is different to the other Urban venues – as chef nick has experimented with tagine, beef wellington, pulled oats, sliders and chocolate fondant. You can check out the full menus on the website – I’d highly recommend trying the pulled oats! They have a sort of cross between mince and pulled pork, like texture and taste – a really amazing vegan option that even meat-eaters will enjoy 😉


Food at Urban Garden

Photograph courtesy of Ellie Mathieson at ELLII Photography



Breakfast is just as good – I, myself, am not vegan but the plant powered breakfast (on the left) is absolutely amazing. I can’t stop raving about it. It’s a yummy mix of roasted sweet potato, mushroom, shallot & spinach, black bean ragu & toasted sourdough. I genuinely couldn’t believe that I preferred it to the waffles.

They’re open from 8am – 11pm and use a bunch of local suppliers from Bad Hand Coffee to Conker Gin. All their juices are sourced from the juice stall down in Bournemouth Square – Bourne Awesome.


Coffee and Gingerbread Men

Photograph courtesy of Ellie Mathieson at ELLII Photography



An amazing spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the beach, without being too far away. You can learn a bit more on their website – or just go and see for yourself. It’s my new favourite spot to just sit and enjoy the view with a pint of cider in the sun.


Outdoor Table at Urban Garden


To find out more about The Urban Garden check out their website: https://urbangarden.co.uk/


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