Tents, trees & treats

Tents, trees & treats

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved camping, and it’s always been in the New Forest. My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was younger – so hopping on the train with our tents on our backs was the perfect little holiday.

Last week I decided I’d spent too much time looking at screens and lounging about in my PJs (the weather has been rubbish down in Bournemouth) – and the weekend was looking a little brighter, so me and my partner packed up the tent and sleeping bags and headed for Roundhill campsite in Brockenhurst.



Friday morning, after a chilly night among the trees, we drove into Lymington – a lovely little port town just outside of Dorset. We wandered around the port and the town to find somewhere local for breakfast – and came across a little restaurant/boutique hotel called ‘The Angel and Blue Pig’. The decor was really cosy and rustic, sat inside an older farmhouse type building that you come across lots in the New Forest.

Lymington Port 2


I had plate of delicious pancakes that not only looked so pretty, but tasted amazing too. I matched that with a hot chocolate to warm myself up after walking along the port, which was just as tasty. My partner had a full English with extra hash browns (of course, because I wanted one) – and it looked just as good. A proper full English – made with love. It wasn’t the classic ‘greasy spoon’ cafe breakfast, it was a proper brekky made with love. We save the greasy spoon breakfasts strictly for hangovers 😉


Angel and the Blue Pig - Pancakes


If you are ever in Lymington, I’d highly recommend the Angel and Blue Pig. We didn’t get to try it unfortunately – but the evening menu looked really yummy too. I will definitely be returning to give that a try.




The Buttery - Cream Tea


After mooching around for a bit after breakfast, later on in the day we decided to grab a cream tea (yep, I’d completely ditched my diet by this point) at The Buttery in Brockenhurst. You really can’t go wrong with a scone – but the Buttery presented it to us beautifully. I didn’t manage to get a picture (too busy stuffing my face), but each of the little sugar packets had points of interest from around Dorset & Hampshire on the back which was a really nice touch. Cream tea is always a hit with me – but The Buttery smashed it out the park.




Kelly's Kitchen - Hot Choc


When our little weekend camping trip came to an end, we were pretty cold and tired (but full of good food) so we decided to stop in Christchurch, Dorset for a hot drink on the way back to Bournemouth. We popped into the family run restaurant, Kelly’s Kitchen, for some salvation before we headed home to do the dreaded deed of unpacking. Kelly’s Kitchen definitely had more of a ‘greasy spoon cafe’ vibe – and it was buzzing! It seemed like a popular place to grab a bite in Christchurch – and a good spot to sip hot chocolate (of course) and watch the world go by. You can tell if a restaurant or café really cares by the people that inhabit it – there was quite a few people dining alone, just happy to chat to the staff who seemed to know a lot of names.


Kelly's Kitchen


If you happen to find yourself wondering around in Christchurch with a rumbling tummy – definitely give Kelly’s a go. Not only are the staff lovely and welcoming, but you’ll be supporting an independent, family run business too.

So there’s my little trip full of treats in a nutshell! Hopefully I’ve inspired you to step away from the world for a while treat yourself – I definitely felt ten times better after doing so. I also appreciated my bed a LOT more (who knew this was even possible) once I got home, so that’s a bonus x


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