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Over the last couple of years, Dorset Chilli Shop has established itself as one of the county’s finest producers and retailers. If you like to kick things up a notch in the kitchen, you won’t find a better choice of spicy sauces anywhere in the UK. They were recently recognised for their efforts when they won ‘Best Independent Food Shop of the Year’ Award at the Dorset Food and Drink Awards 2016 and were voted 3rd Best UK Online Chilli Retailer in the Clifton Chilli Club People’s Choice Awards in 2015. The accolades look sure to keep on coming.

Not only do they have a huge selection of sauces, preserves and snacks from various other producers, many also based in Dorset, Dorset Chilli Shop make a large number of their own products, with a story behind all of them.

I don’t think I heard your right… It sounded like you said ‘Bacon Jam’?

One of their most popular products is their Bacon Jam. I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing when I was told about it, but anybody who has tried it will vouch for it. Spice up a cheese toastie, slice open a chicken breast and spoon some into the middle with a slice of mozzarella and some fresh thyme leaves, or smear some over a pork chop before you chuck it on the barbie. Possibly the best suggestion I’ve heard recently which was insanely good was to add a table spoon of Bacon Jam to my bolognese sauce…. Amazing!


Why we love them so much in Dorset…

Dorset Chilli Shop really are part of the community and they are renowned for their collaborations with other local producers. One such partnership led to the creation of ‘The Webster’. This dates back to early 2016 and a competition that captivated so many people in and around the Bournemouth area: The ‘Man Vs Naga Chicken Wing Challenge’. Webster Family Butchers provided the chicken wings and Dorset Chilli Shop produced a marinade containing both Dorset Naga and Scotch Bonnet chillies. The challenge: 10 fiery wings in 5 minutes. The person who ate the most wings in the fastest time was the winner and entrants were invited to purchase their wings from Webster’s, film their efforts and post them on social media.

I had a go. I think I managed about three. The winner polished off all ten in about 2 and a half minutes and there were some other fantastic efforts that ran him very close too.

The sauce itself in the form of a marinade is not for those with a sensitive tongue although if you like things hot, I would definitely recommend it for precisely this purpose. The wings themselves were actually very nice. It was hard to appreciate them with liquid hot magma smeared all over the bottom half of your face while you forget your table manners and go into competition with an unfeeling stopwatch.

If this sounds like a step too far, I’ve used The Webster in chillies, curries, bolognese sauces, soups… A little goes a long way so add with caution. You can always add more, but you can’t take it out. You don’t need much to make an impact. Half a teaspoon is enough for a hint of spice when cooking for four people.

Another wonderful collaboration between Dorset Chilli Shop and Webster’s are the Pork Kracklins. Choose between the mild, pleasant flavour of the Chilli Pork Kracklins or for those with no fear, tuck into a bag of the Naga Ghost Chilli Pork Kracklins. Whichever you choose, both provide a perfect accompaniment to a nice cold beer.


Labour of Love

Dorset Chilli Shop’s products range in intensity from the mild, to the hot, to the ‘nuclear’. Jams, salts, marinades, coffees… There is so much to choose from.

The owners, Lisa and Andy Guy are two of the hardest working, most creative people I have ever met. Dorset Chilli Shop is an absolute labour of love for both of them and they’ve well and truly jumped in with both feet. It’s no wonder that so many local producers and business owners have wanted to spice up their offerings by collaborating with them.

Check out their profile to learn more…


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