Slow Braised Pork Belly in Cider


2 tbsp olive oil

1 whole side bone in belly pork

12 banana shallots

4 cloves garlic, roughly chopped

3 pints of local cider

6 carrots roughly chopped

Season with black crack pepper and salt



  1. Roughly chop shallots, garlic and carrots and lightly sauté in pan with olive oil for around 8-10 minsto get some colour on then add cracked black pepper and salt
  2. Place all the contents into a large ovenproof dish, place the scored belly pork on top of the shallots, carrots and garlic and pour in the cider but try not to pour over the skin, and completely submerge the pork up to level with the skin
  3. Cook for 30 mins at 220 degrees to crisp of the crackling, then cover with foil but try not to let it touch the skin/crackling as it may stick
  4. Place back in the oven at 150-160 degrees for 3 hours 20 mins, checking regularly to make sure the cider doesn’t complete evaporated if its running short add more
  5. After the 3 hours 20 mins is up take out of oven and test the belly pork by removing the bones at the back if they pull out with ease its ready for resting
  6. Rest on a wire rack and save the juice which escapes from the pork.Resting Pork
  7. Strain all the shallots garlic etc from the liquid left in the ovenproof dish and resting juices and place in a pan and reduce for 30 mins at a low to medium heat, you will then be left with a cider jus reduction perfect for the pork and cutting out any wastage in the process.
  8. Serve with dauphinoise potatoes, local seasonal vegetables and cider jus.


Slow Braised Pork Belly in Cider




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