Silvana Bandini: An Entrepreneur’s Mind With a Heart For Great Service

An entrepreneur’s mind with a heart for great service

Post Courtesy of The Ollerod Beaminster website

For Silvana, the art of hospitality has always been in her blood. Growing up in an Italian – Scottish family, hers was one that was filled with flavours and food, customer delight and an acute business acumen that continues to serve her well today.



We interview the other driving force behind The Ollerod, Silvana Bandini, and explore her take on what it really means to leave customers feeling valued and looked after.

Rooted in service and with an entrepreneurial spirit

Born to a Scottish mother and an Italian father, Silvana grew up in South Africa – a country and culture that is no stranger to fantastic food, and superb hospitality. Silvana’s father is an Italian cheesemaker and a key supplier to restaurants and hotels. “When you’re dealing with milk, it’s a 24-hour per day, 7-day a week business, and although I didn’t grow up in the hotel industry, I was definitely no stranger to it”. She tells us that the family business started to expand and that through delivering to customers she’s always had a link into hospitality. “Coming from an Italian family, we were immersed in good food and the culture of food bringing people together,” she adds.

But Silvana’s first choice of career was far from the one she follows today. “When I finished school, I was set to become a lawyer. I’d worked hard, and was ready to study Law – but, as with most young people about to embark on their career path, I woke up to the fact that my life had a different calling.” And that’s how she ended up studying hotel management at one of the most prestigious hotel schools in South Africa, The International Hotel School in Johannesburg.

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