National Beer Day

Today is National Beer Day

To celebrate National Beer Day, Dorset Food Network is about to start brewing it’s very own homebrew. I’ve never done it before, but one thing is for sure, if it is even close to being successful, the first batch will be the benchmark for future productions.

Inspired by the abundance of local breweries and fine local beers and ales on offer, I felt compelled to clear off a shelf in a cluttered garage and bite the bullet. I’ve been talking about it for years as something I will do one day and “one day” has arrived.

Making my own beer is something I’ve always wanted to have a go at, but in truth I had next to know knowledge on the subject. So, to fuel my brain I spoke to some friends, did some internet research and am now more confused than ever. Yes, I’ve grasped some of the basics. It’s easy to google the process and even watch videos on youtube, but rather than go into this with just the internet for guidance, I’ve got an expert on my doorstep that can supply me with both the equipment and the ingredients and any advice I may need along the way.


Dorset Homebrew

Dorset Homebrew LogoDorset Homebrew was established in 2009. When national chemist chain Boots stopped supplying homebrew equipment, Dorset brewers were left high and dry. Someone needed to step into the breach and Dorset Homebrew as keen brewers themselves for over 25 years decided the void was theirs to fill. Now their products are sold online to people all over the UK and people from Dorset and neighbouring counties visit them at various markets in order to purchase supplies. Who better for Dorset Food Network to call on in order to get started?

This weekend I will buy the kit and the ingredients and get started. I’ll update on my progress and if anybody wants to play along at the same time, you will be able to follow my progress on the DFN blog and if you have any questions or pointers, get in touch via our contact page and if I don’t know, and there’s a good chance I won’t, I’m sure the experts will be happy to offer tips along the way.



National Beer Day is the inspiration for the start of my home brewing journey, but there is more to come. I’ve already called dibs on a supply of apples for my first attempt at making my own cider and some other apple related products later this year.


Our partners are carefully selected for the work they do in the local area, the services they offer to our members and for actively working with us to promote supporting local business, using local, seasonal produce and reducing our carbon footprint.