Where To Go: Coffee Saloon in Canford Cliffs

Coffee Saloon in Canford Cliffs

This month I’ve visited several places across Dorset with various different people and in all honesty, we haven’t had any bad experiences. In fact we’ve enjoyed all of them, but there will always be those places that stand out for one reason or another. If I was to single out one, I think I would have to choose Coffee Saloon in Canford Cliffs. I was in the area, looking for somewhere to stop for half an hour, have a drink and relax before getting back in the truck to attack what was left of what had so far, been a very long day. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to discover a real gem….

As per the norm, I ordered a black americano. The girl that took my order was very polite and friendly. There were other people there (always a good sign) who I assumed were regulars. It’s easy to walk into somewhere as an outsider and feel like you want to neck your drink as fast as you can and get out of there. This couldn’t be further from the vibe at Coffee Saloon. The barista said to take a seat and she’d bring my coffee over. I did and she wasn’t too far behind me. The atmosphere was relaxed, cheerful and welcoming with no hint of the cliquishness you might think you’d expereince in a smaller, village style shop where the majority of customers are likely to be regulars. In addition to the girl serving me, the aforementioned customers were also welcoming and friendly.

The music, which I’m told was a playlist on the young lady’s iPod, was well suited to the atmosphere and at a volume that meant you could drift off and listen to it if you chose to, but you could also tune it out and talk to other people without needing to raise your voice.

The coffee itself would ideally be the most important factor in choosing where you go, but I don’t think too many people would disagree with me that when attempting to enjoy a drink, if the atmosphere is wrong, it won’t actually matter how good the coffee is. No worries on that score. It all hinged on the coffee. I’m pleased to report that it was superb. I hadn’t tasted one as good as that since I was in Sydney 4 years ago and the Aussies, through their multi-cultural influences, are very particular about their coffee.

There are 3 Coffee Saloons in Dorset. This one in Canford Cliffs, one in Poole and one in Wareham. I haven’t visited the others yet, but I certainly will be in the near future.

If you would like to check out their website, here is the link:


Perhaps I’ll see you in there sometime.

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