Genève Eatery Westbourne

A Great Evening at Genève Eatery

Last night I went out for a catch up with a few guys I worked with back in my pre DFN days. We wanted a burger and Genève has been on my radar for a long time. I’m so pleased that I finally got around to going.

The Service

We arrived and were greeted by a very friendly girl who showed us to our table. I’m not sure if she was having a really good evening or if she’s just a very happy person but she was smiling all night and had a real knack with the customers. She told us about a couple of special craft beers on offer, so naturally we tried them both. The service was excellent and the personality of the staff really enhanced the evening.

The Food

Genève is primarily a burger restaurant although there are a few other alternatives. We were there for the burgers though. There are now quite a few burger places around Dorset and generally they all have their own quirks and style. Genève is very different to other burger joints and take a different approach. Their website explains that they offer a small menu in order to ensure everything is purchased on the day, freshly cooked and the menu adapts to the ingredients available or that catch the eye on any given day.

I strongly urge you to look at their website. They have taken a very honest and humorous approach to the way they describe themselves and actually, they really sum up their business very well. They don’t just ‘talk the talk’, if you go there, you will see that they ‘walk the walk’ too.

Genève Pulled Pork BurgerThere were 4 of us. Three ordered the Pulled Pork Burger and one went for the Creole Chicken Burger. We all really enjoyed what we had. Anybody ordering a burger with a beef patty can choose how they want it cooked, the same way as they would a steak. Generally when I order a steak I’ll opt for as close to still mooing as possible (with certain exceptions). I like my burgers to have a bit more of a char and to hold their shape so medium to well done is the order of the day for a patty. As with all good restaurants, our requests were adhered to and what we asked for, was exactly what we got and we were all very happy.

I won’t deep dive into analysing the food. You can go there for yourself and make your own mind up. The quality of the food is extremely high and I will definitely be going back. There are other things I’ve earmarked on the menu that I really want to try, not least the chicken wings.

Thank you to the guys at Genève for a great meal. Their website tells a fantastic story and when you visit them, they truly deliver. A wonderful local business with an inspiring ethos that is entirely their own. It’s great to have them flying the flag for Westbourne and for Dorset.




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