Summit Engagement

Summit Engagement is a newly founded company (February 2019), based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

The founder of this company, Richard Quinn, and his colleagues, aim to support local businesses by assisting with the construction of a social media presence (predominantly Instagram) that accurately reflects all aspects of a customers brand, but also an online existence that generates consistent business leads.

A message from Richard Quinn:

“Automation has taken over social media and now the tables have turned and social media platforms are hitting back. Social media has always required human interaction alongside great content, but now more than ever. That’s where we come in.”

Summit Engagement was founded following market research that suggested many businesses do not have a full understanding of the potential social media offers, which is a result of not possessing the knowledge of how to grow.

How can Summit Engagement help you?

They offer a range of services including;

             Content creation

             Engagement managers

             Training sessions

Each one of these services is tailored to your business’s needs and desires, whilst Summit Engagement’s involvement can be that of a social media assistant, or full-management where they run your social media for you.

For more information, contact: [email protected]