The Butchers Dog in Wimborne

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All over Dorset, bars, micro-pubs and ale houses are providing new options for discovering great beers, ales, lagers and more. There’s something of a revolution taking place right now and one of the most exciting places for those who like to try a new pint is Wimborne.

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April’s ‘Where To Go’ – The Dancing Moose

The Dancing Moose in Ashley Cross Located on Station Road, opposite the green in the extremely popular Ashley Cross, which over the past few years has become the social hub of the Poole area The Dancing Moose is not short of competition. In Ashley Cross, if you aren’t delivering, you will get found out pretty…

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Homebrew – Where To Begin

Getting Started We’re well into Spring now and although nobody has told the weather, the focus of many people has shifted to the garden and getting ready for the longer days, warmer evenings and the most beloved of summer pastimes, the barbecue. This year, barbecue season for me will be accompanied by my very first…

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National Beer Day

Today is National Beer Day To celebrate National Beer Day, Dorset Food Network is about to start brewing it’s very own homebrew. I’ve never done it before, but one thing is for sure, if it is even close to being successful, the first batch will be the benchmark for future productions. Inspired by the abundance…

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