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Something exciting has opened in Bournemouth square this week… Something you may walk past whilst on a shopping trip or on your way to work. The independent, local ‘wellness’ business Bourne Awesome and their friends at The Urban Guild (independent hospitality group) have teamed up to bring an amazing little juice bar to Bournemouth square.


Veggies, Spice and Everything Nice


I went down to take a look at the range of yummy, freshly made juices, smoothies & shots that are packed with health benefits. When I was down there, I learnt loads about what fruits, vegetables and spices are the best for your body and why. So, I thought I’d share what I’d learnt. I’m going to be talking about the most beneficial fruits, veggies and spices that are all available inside the products at Bourne Awesome.
You can have a peek at the menu below, then let’s talk juicy goodness:


Bourne Awesome Menu




Ginger: Ginger has been used for culinary and medical purposes for a long time. If you’ve got a bit of a tummy ache, inflammation or motion sickness – ginger is an amazing natural remedy.




They loved ginger down at the juice stall. There is ginger in juices 1, 2 and 3 and you can get a lemon & ginger shot for a quick boost in the morning – feel the burn!

Turmeric: Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that are good for fighting off disease. The turmeric & cherry shot was definitely the best of the four taste-wise.

Cayenne: I hadn’t really heard of this one before, but shot #3 on the menu was made up of Aloe, raw honey, lemon, pink salt & of course, cayenne. So, I had to learn a little more. Upon research – cayenne is said to boost your metabolism and reduce hunger (why have I not heard of this before) by boosting the amount of heat your body produces. And it fills you up. Spicy stuff. I’ll have 50, please.



Spinach: The number one healthiest veggie. One cup of raw spinach makes up 56% of your daily Vitamin A needs, and Vitamin A is the one that helps your immune system work properly. We LOVE Vitamin A. Smoothie #1 & #3 at the juice stall were both full of Spinach, but also rich with stronger flavours which is a bonus (because we all know spinach doesn’t taste as good as a pineapple).

Carrots: Carrots are also packed with Vitamin A, but also vitamin C and K. Vitamin C helps keep your bones and skin nice and healthy – and Vitamin K helps wounds heal quickly. Pretty handy considering carrot is one of my favourite veggies! Loads of the items on the juice stall had carrot in them – juice #5s description was literally ‘carrot, carrot and more carrot’ – so they must love carrots too. I managed to catch someone making a carrot, orange & ginger juice (number 3) when I was having a look at the menu, and although I haven’t tried carrot in liquid form – I’m just going to have to.


Spinach, Carrots and Kale


Kale: This is one everyone knows is good for you –because it’s so green! Kale is full of antioxidants (like lots of other green things) and it’s good for your heart, which we all prefer to keep healthy. In the juice section, Bourne Awesome’s ‘#4’ had cucumber, apple, kale, lime & mint – very green indeed. I grabbed a cucumber & mint flavoured water as I had JUST eaten my lunch (and it also looked very pretty). Very refreshing.





Pineapple: These are one of my favourite fruits because they’re sweet, but low in calories – and apparently super good for you. You can almost taste the vitamin C. They also are rich in a vitamin I haven’t mentioned yet – vitamin B, which helps keep your nervous system ticking over nicely.

Bourne Awesome had a pineapple-based juice (#1) that had a gorgeous yellow colour, and a pineapple-based smoothie too. (#1).

Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away – because they’re rich in anti-oxidants! It’s said that they help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease – similarly to lots of other fruit and veggies I’ve talked about. It made juice number #4 a glowing green colour too.
Banana: Another classic fruit – the beloved banana. They are loaded with fibre – and a superb source for potassium. Potassium looks after your blood pressure, water balance, digestion and lots of other things. They are also good at making a nice, thick smoothie that will fill you up to make a healthy breakfast. Bourne Awesome used banana in smoothie #2 and #3 – and they told me they did try and use it in the juicer… But turns out bananas can’t be juiced.


Avacado, Bananas


Bourne Awesome & the Urban Guild have done a superb job down in the square to promote healthy living as well as ethical living.
All the bottles your drinks come in are made from recycled plastic, and if you bring your own bottle for your juice or smoothie they’ll even knock 20p off the price for you. Also, 20% of their profits go straight to the Bournemouth Parks Foundation Charity who are working on loads of amazing projects right now.
Thanks for having me and answering my questions Bourne, and thanks for being awesome x


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