April’s Product of the Month: Bayside Brownies

You won’t find better brownies anywhere

If you like Brownies, you’ll love these. Meet Katy….

Katy from Bayside BakeryKaty is the owner of Bayside Bakery. She bakes her wonderful brownies to order, in her kitchen at home. I ordered mine online using a very simple service and received an email very quickly to say that my brownies were in the oven. They were delivered the following morning.

Seventeen years ago I had the best brownie I’d ever had in New York and since then, I’ve been hoping that it would some day be rivalled. Well, today was that day.

The best brownies must meet three criteria: Firstly, the top must be crisp. It should be firm enough that it cracks as you bite through it. Secondly, the middle must be soft and a bit moist. Thirdly, and I assume as a non-expert, that this part comes down to the ingredients more than anything else, the taste is the most important factor.

Katy has been able to meet each of these standards, exceed them and somehow add new ones. When it comes to brownies, the bar has been well and truly raised. In addition to the quality of the product, comes a personal and very warm service.

Brownies from Bayside Bakery in their original delivery boxThe brownies arrived in a very nicely presented white box with a dark turquoise/blue ribbon (I’m sure there is a colour that would better describe this but I thought coral was blue so I’ll leave that up to other people to debate).

Bayside Brownies wrapped in Brown Paper

When I opened the box, I was greeted by yet more attention to detail and further evidence that Katy is not just concerned with providing the best product she possibly can, she’s offering a customer experience. Inside the box were the brownies, wrapped in brown paper.

Date and Information Card from Bayside BakeryI especially liked the card that accompanied the brownies. Another lovely, personal touch. You really get a sense that Katy cares about what she is doing and as if it were needed, further proof of the love that Katy puts into her work and making her customers feel special.

Next, the moment of truth… The most important thing, the brownies themselves. I pulled the paper aside and the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was fantastic. Almost as if I’d walked into the kitchen while they were being baked. The second thing that struck me was that I could see the tell-tale cracks on the top of the brownies that assured me the texture inside and out was going to be spot on. So now, it was all down to the taste. I was blown away. Seventeen years of believing brownies could never match up to the one I’d had in New York that had become the seemingly unattainable benchmark for all future tastings, and right here, on my own doorstep, or in my own county, depending on how I choose to make my purchase, is an absolute showstopper. My search is over and it’s all thanks to Katy.

Katy's Brownies in their original packaging

Bayside Bakery’s website is user-friendly and welcoming. The whole service right from the first contact with the website, to the message I received shortly after placing my order telling me that my brownies had gone into the oven, to the next morning when the postie rang the doorbell and handed me the box was excellent. The brownies themselves are like chocolatey bites of heaven. If like me, you’ve been searching for the perfect brownie for a long time, then you may just have found what you were looking for.

For a list of stockists and to find out more, or to place and order, you can visit Bayside Bakery’s website: http://baysidebakery.co.uk/

You can also follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baysidebaker/ and Twitter: @baysidebaker


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