April’s ‘Where To Go’ – The Dancing Moose

The Dancing Moose in Ashley Cross

Located on Station Road, opposite the green in the extremely popular Ashley Cross, which over the past few years has become the social hub of the Poole area The Dancing Moose is not short of competition. In Ashley Cross, if you aren’t delivering, you will get found out pretty quickly and you won’t last long. So whatever you do there, you have to do it very well.

What is The Dancing Moose?

The Dancing Moose is a bar. It’s a restaurant. It’s a coffee house. It’s a burger joint. You can go there in the morning for a full english or waffles and pancakes. You can go there for a 3 course meal at lunchtime or in the evening. You can go there for a few beers or a glass of wine. It’s even a cocktail bar and somehow, they do it all and they do it all extremely well.

Dancing Moose ChillidogI’ve been for breakfast and I’ve been for a mid-afternoon coffee. I’ve been in for a lunchtime burger and I’ve been in for a drink in the evening. Most recently, I went in for a chillidog and it was just about the best I’ve had anywhere in this country. On every occasion, if it wasn’t busy when I walked in, it was by the time I left. The Dancing Moose is extremely popular with the discerning locals.

When I went with a friend for breakfast, we were the first ones there just after they opened. An hour later when we left, the place was pretty much full.

When I went for coffee, it was busy and the majority of people were there for the same reason. The coffee was really good and the slice of cake I had to go with it was delicious. Did I forget to mention that? Yes, they have cake too.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you are going in for a beer, or a group of mums with your babies meeting up to sit on the comfortable sofas and enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake. The appeal of The Dancing Moose knows no limits. There is something for everyone.

I’ve been to so many great places this month, so why The Dancing Moose?

For each and every experience I’ve had in The Dancing Moose, both in terms of customer service and how much I enjoyed what I had purchased, no matter what time of day, they would have featured highly in my thinking for my recommendation this month. The fact that one business is able to offer all of this, in one laid back, very well thought out and visually enticing venue and do all of it so expertly, means I just can’t look beyond them.

DFN’s recommendation for April’s ‘Where To Go’ is the Dancing Moose in Ashley Cross.

Take a look at their website: http://relaxedpubcompany.co.uk/thedancingmoose/

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