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We’re Honest. The Social Enterprise Digital Agency.

First things first, we know there are loads of different agencies out there, whether it is for web design, branding or direct mail marketing. But we wanted to answer the question of “Can you do all that, and still do good for your community”. The answer is what you see before you now. We are that company.

We aim to live up to our name. We’re Honest. We’re not the people that will do sub-standard work for extortionate prices, we’re not going to rip you off in the pursuit of profits, and we don’t do hidden fees or nasty surprises- in the event of problems, we’ll tell you exactly what’s what.

Why are we a Social Enterprise?

To put it simply, profits. Quite a lot of agencies become solely focused on one thing- maximising profits wherever possible. How they do this varies in a lot of ways. They could be understaffed- have too few Project Managers or getting Junior Developers to do work beyond their abilities. It could be the quality of work- producing poor quality, untested work that’s not suitable for the needs of the client.

Okay, sure we aim to make some profit- that’s how we make sure our team are properly rewarded for what they do. But- where we differ by being a Social Enterprise is in the fact anything after that is reinvested back into the community we are part of- supporting local good causes, children’s clubs and the things that make our community great.

And without the strangulation of maximum profits, often we can charge significantly less than our rivals.

Our Team.

The key word in our team is “multi-disciplined”. We have a team of freelancers that cover a huge range of different specialities meaning we can do a huge range of things, and do it well. Unlike some, we don’t pretend to be bigger than we are. Everyone has something to offer- from the Managing Director, Chris who is a highly experienced full-stack developer, with a strong marketing background to the newest members of the team. By having a freelance team, we are able to offer people with terrific skills who might not be able to get the opportunity elsewhere- for example, they might have a disability or live in an area where there aren’t many opportunities, a chance to be part of something amazing.

The Honest Promise.

It’s all too common sadly that you might find yourself with an agency that will lie to you about why your project is running late, why the end product isn’t what you were promised, and why the costs have gone through the roof. The Honest Promise is that we won’t do that to you. No nasty surprises, no sub-standard work, no being treated like a fool.

We’ll be Honest. That’s our Promise.

The Honest Agency

Dorset Science & Tech Centre
Sturminster Newton
DT10 2AD

Phone: +44(0)1258 808557

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