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The Social Enterprise Digital Agency

No doubt, you’ve probably dealt with other agencies, whether it be for web design, branding, or direct mail marketing. If your experience has been what mine has, you’ll probably be less than satisfied with both the service and the results of what you received – especially if it was web development.

Why Are They A Social Enterprise?

To put it simply, Profits. Many agencies become so focused on maximising profits, cutting corners wherever possible, from having too few Project Managers, to getting Junior Developers to do Senior Developer’s work, or simply producing poor quality untested work. While we need to make a profit to pay our amazing team what they deserve, any surplus funds go back into the community, rather than the Director’s pockets!

Being less focused on profits also means we can charge much less than our rival agencies.

The Honest Agency Team

Unlike other agencies, we don’t pretend to be bigger than we are. In fact I’d be the first to class us a tiny start-up. However, I’m an experienced full-stack developer, with a strong marketing background (offline too!) and I’ve already got an amazing team of freelancers with a wider range of skill-sets that I could dream off. Over time, more and more of the freelancers, will become employees, but for the time-being, we’ve got things exactly right for everybody.

So Why Honest?

Ever known that an agency was lying to you about why your project is running late, or maybe you’ve been sold a website with certain features and delivered something much less. Well this happens far too much and creatives, including developers, hate this as much as you do. So we’re being honest for their sake as much as yours.

The Honest Agency
3 Corner Close
Sodom Lane
DT10 1PB

Tel: 01258 821654

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