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The Atom Club

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A Not-For-Profit Science and Coding Club

Help us inspire the next generation of coders and scientists with a fun programme of games, experiments and projects.

Launched on the same day as UK Astronaut Tim Peake (15th Dec 2015) launched into space for the Principia mission. The Atom Club shares some of the same objectives – to inspire children into science. While we also have a focus on coding, we will also utilise space as our motivator.

Fun Science Experiments

Science should never be boring! Our fun experiments can be done at home, inspiring logic and a thirst for knowledge.

Using Games to Encourage Logic

Our fun games lessons teach logical thinking that will be useful for the rest of their lives. Who would have thought that games could be educational?


To inspire the next generation of scientists and coders. To make both science and coding fun and enjoyable.


On top of our science and coding club sessions, we’ll provide children with online guides and videos. We’ll also provide volunteers with useful resources for starting running their own coding and science clubs.

Atom Club
3 Corner Close
DT10 1PB
United Kingdom
Planet Earth
Solar System
Milky Way Galaxy
Local Galaxy Group
Virgo Supercluster

Phone: +44 (0)1258 821654



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