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Pork and Cider Masterclass

Supper clubs have swiftly become a sought after experience and an injection of energy for our high streets during the evening.  Popular daytime venues reopen their doors for an after dark celebration of their favourite food, or a pop-up appearance from a local mobile foodie brand.  For diners, they offer a fresh addition amongst their favourite local restaurants, and something finite and exclusive to aspire to get a ticket for – a talking point in town amongst the foodie fans.  There are also extra positives for the chefs too; less waste, a smaller menu, and a chance to show off their best wares in one night without the worry of filling every seat every evening throughout the week.  Seasonal specials or curious global cuisine make great themes to develop a supper club session from, and so they really can add something unique to the high street.

Kane Webster from Webster Family Butchers, host of Supper Club

One such admired local food ambassador is Kane, at Webster Family Butchers.  He has partnered with top chef Alex Naik to create a supper club with an extra twist.  The three course menu will centre around the premium locally-sourced higher welfare meat which Websters always champion, and have a relaxed note with the group of diners eating together, and sharing drinks and food stories.  What’s more, before you settle down to dinner, you’ll partake in a masterclass to try out your butchery skills, preparing a prime roasting joint to take away with you after the event, and cook up at home as part of the price of your ticket.  Being myself an ethical food enthusiast, I’m choosey about where I source any meat I do eat, and minimise the amount I consume, but I do preach that if you’re willing eat meat at all you should be willing to get involved with the preparation as well as doing your best to understand how well the animal was reared.  I joined Kane to hear his pride for the Black Angus heifers he reserved while they were young, and now that they’re mature, and he knows exactly what they’ve eaten, and can be confident that they’ve been reared outdoors for ten months of the year, he utilises one when required trusting that the meat will be a leaner, flavoursome, top quality product.  The butchery experience teaches you how a specific cut is prepared, and even gives you the privilege of preparing that piece using a butcher-sharp knife (before your beverage please..), tying it ready for roasting, and taking away the marbled offcuts for slow braising to make another hearty meal if you like.  Follow Webster Family Butchers on Facebook to see their upcoming masterclass evening dates.

If you love your food and like to try something new, or remember fabulous flavours from a far flung holiday destination, or spot an opportunity among the offering in residence within your local area, get chatting to your local coffee shop or independent business.  Chances are, there are connections there to be nurtured and a special celebration could soon bloom in your community.  Take the extra opportunity to support local business and revel in awesome food, and you could soon have a thriving exciting changing taste sensation, right there on your own doorstep!

Lyndsey Fisher-Cooke

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